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Dr Yunus : China, SDG Economics zones: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Asean, Japan, Korea
one belt forum - girls best stories
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will G20 respect #metoo: greatest girls empowerment solutions sustainability investors ever make
SUN GDPIT China Japan Global Youth Friendship
Economistwomen.com Sir Fazle Abed
kai fu-lee - &w20 & other 20s of Japan G20
Beijing Open Space 5 - april 2017- women hold up half the sky
old sustainabilityclub.com
blockchaincity.net - student unions of blockchain by supercity and win-win belt roads
Is AIIB Best Bank Developing Youth?
Help Baltimore become fist free university city for world record job creation students
economists without borders and brexit
Log : One Belt One Road (1B1R)
xi-trump greatest intergenerational meeting
Missing Trillion Dollars Jobs markets - episode 1 english and chinese as second languages
2 Global Value Chain- SME capacity
3 Bank SME
4 Digital age gov inclusion SME
5 SME= Youth Sustainability
mapping hi-trust youth neural networks
trades with china by type : Belt, EWTP, other
jinping trump world's most valuable meeting
What happened to Yunus top 10 concepts of ending Ultra Poverty
Can 10 greatest human innovations create jobs?
Yunus- how usaid and academics compound ultra poverty
Sustainability youth MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - and everywhere
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invitation to colleges to play world record jobs game
entrepreneurial revolution of norman macrae and paul farmer
zeroisation of yazmi and social business movements connection with youth sustainabilty
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Can we prevent unbridled arrogance of silicon valley from ending sustainability of all of US?
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Downloads of Sustainability World : 1 sequel to 1984 book on netgen ; part 2 journal of social biz
1 Minute Stories of Our LIves & Times
Business models which can save the world
Norman Macrae Archive
World's Greatest Maths Mistake
Youth Ambassador & Yunus Nets - the Hunt for 5000 21st C mindsets
Devaluing Goldman Sachs to 0
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wc.tv voters' current number 1  (transcript)- world's most useful 1 hour online video -please send your votes to info@worldcitizen.tv
Mapping: 7 Hacks for the curious ... grameen.tv videos pick of Yunus (Nobel 2006 laureate) : 60 minutes free; 15 minute Y1.1 Y1.2 Y1.3 sampler tour; 99 cents charlie rose50-minute interview M37S37 no loss company M49S35 sustainabity depends on globalisation revolves this way round 

Entrepreneurial life critical videos include: Media 1 sustainability 1


Free/Fee Service : How this works

We aim to monitor the largest English language collection of dvds/videos relevant to world changers. Many dvds are on-click  free, and except in extraordinary cases, we do not cover dvds whose producers cost more than $5 to download. Wherever we have already spotted a world change clip within a video, its review in terms of world changing networks impact appears free below and we are happy to answer quick email Q&A of its significance for free. However, if you are a journalist or other party with custom queries on finding world change issues, we can also offer that service on a per fee basis. You get the advantage of hundreds of hours of attention we have already paid to ensure we know how different videos interconnect in detailed ways that integrate new and deeply practical knowhow.  We welcome nominations of other videos to pool in this world changers common commons library. Thanks info@worldcitizen.tv

Format we provide exact M/s Minute/Second starting point  you need to forward play to within the video; the world change significance and where appropriate links to validate the world change significance or celebrate its partnering world citizen networks

speakers at current #1 world video Bill Clinton (M8s06 &M64s51), Al Gore (M11s51), Muhammad Yunus (M17s24), Sir Richard Branson (M65s21)

video SE1 free - source ashoka.org social entrepreneurs & audience at google.org

  • M40/s25 Global health care markets: Victoria Hale's (oneworldhealth)revolution of the no loss pharma corporation provides cures - eg for black fever - that global pharma dismissed as unprofitable (Guardian world 1st, sept06)
  • M30/s28 China Human Rights law: Karen Tse (IBJ) is revolutionising this in ways the Chinese government and local lawyers want implementation help with
  • M28/s18 Bill Drayton (ashoka & changemakers):  www MasterGuide to 30 years of searching and 2000 Social Entrepreneurs with vital projects for society; he challenges corporations to name what deepest social innovations they would like to partner with -  in transparent worlds, no global leaders can afford to be discommunicated with the greatest marketing advantages ever staged and truly demanded by world citizens' social networks
  • M8/18 Rodrigo Baggio (CDI): Out of Brazil, the world's simplest franchise for digitially connecting the skills of the porest of inner city youth (Microsoft, IBM, Unicef partnering)
  • M14/S15 Larry Brilliant (Executive Director of google.org, a for-profit charity) Today's greatest changemakers still connect with the Gandhian way of hi-trust leadership

Guides - George Soros (free google video) -on : Did first 7 years of 21st C need to be the age of fallibility and will our human race recover in time?

Cool is Acumen's Novogratz's 14 minute video on working to end poverty in Africa

Charlie Rose video 99 cents: America's Gathering Storm, letting other nations get a 23 year lead in investing in death of distance 1 2 the report that Changed the State of the Nation including Bush's jn06 commitment to end addiction to petroleum economics.M33S30 Failure to address death of distance will leave our grandchildren with no productive opportunities; unlike making a sputnik, this is a generation long race but to do no nothing will leabe Americans like frogs that are being slowly boiled- M24S38: what are your top 20 chnage agenda? #1 is education of children from 6-17  #2 is ...gathering storm report

Charlie Rose 06 video India's Cultural Web1 (99 cents + free sample)

  •  M0/s57 free: Shabana Azmi: there's a stake for Muslims in India; M35/s25 (99 )cents - my conversaion as a film star to activist for sustaining those in slums

Charlie Rose 06 video 2 - hour with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (free sample and 99 cents)

More Charlie Rose videos discused here

Video - rural transformation India- M16S0 service benchmarks Ramalinga Raju. M18S28 It doesnt take 40 years to turn a developing region into a developed one, with focused IT systems it can be done in less than 10  M19S10 Our other learning is that when you are giving to poverty alleviation it does you a favour not the other way around

video SE2 free sampler  Bill Drayton:  why partnering with world citizen networks exponentialises unprecedented competitive advantage now-  41 minute video download $ 2.99

  • Free sampler 0M55s companies that don't partner/network today in the unprecedented competitive advantage of compounding social good will simply be blindsided 1M58s History's Pattern: in the West business took off with an entrepreneurial architecture two or more centuries ago which compounded productivity, but no corresponding gains were seen in gov of public serviices which remained monopolies until the last few decades.  Social entrepreneurs' new open architectures are compounding the fastest ever catchup in organisational history -the best news for the world is that public service has now so much more productivity to give and to be truly partnered by -deep refererences: Business - Social Bridge
  •  for a parallel commentary on how every smart strategist is connecting with world citizen partnerships, have a look at this weblog on the clintonglobalinitiative of 2006

video sustainability energy khosla at google free

  • 2M44s Khosla (his webIn less than 5 years USA can rid its cars of addiction to petroleum at little cost 8M02s This would be advantageous if you want cheaper fuel, cleaner fuel, less geopolitical strife, jobs for Americans (farmers) 44M30s we need innovation, what I call entrepreneurial energy 1  2 a compound value multiplier that many people in Washington systemically fail to model 

American media's subliminal hatred or world citizens -video nasty exhibit 1

  • After working night & day to host the greatest yet 3-day fundraiser 1 2 3 4 5  6  7 8 for the poorest worldwide, Fox media does this to Clinton

Free video extract: sustaining women from ClintonGI 2006

  • 0M48s Did you know that globally women do about 66% of all work, earn about 5% of wages and own 1% of property? 2M23 A benchmark for change is being led by Rwanda where women now represent nearly 50% of government; this level of representation chnages laws and society

Free video: Reconciliation Pakistan: Musharaf explains how national fabric destroyed

  • 1M16s Until 1979 Pakistan was the West's most allied allied. Over the next 10 years we hleped the West as the USSR fell apart with its failed war in Afghanistan. But then we had 4 million refugees from Afghanistan as well as 20000 militia. We are now 27 years into being hung out to dry by the West- being given no help  M7S29 - Friedman asks what's one greatest help we could offer you now: Musharaf replies market access to USA
  • related : beautiful Quran


Click1 - in what aspects of human health care, are for-profit global pharma companies the wrong system ? are there other global market sectors in which for-profit global corporations are the wrong system for sustaining humanity's most vital needs?.. who do you vote for as the most imaginative explorer of medicine today- this teenager's video is among the most inspiring I've seen (mail us info@worldcitizen.tv your video bookmarks of inspired innovators)

 Click 2 - will google sustain the world? Put simply: if 6 billion people fail to connect to sustain the world, it will have been one hell of a communications problem, the devil of all media crises. Instead of transparently connecting around the longest-term goal that unites our species, we will have been divided and conquered by short-term speculators in greed, or systemic ignorances. As of this first decade of M3, the google brand seems to be: nearest to being all peoples' epicentre of all media choices; as goodwilled as any corporation on the planet in being accountable to the long-term's compound consequences as well as short-term vitality. This discussion invites us all to track if google is living up to sustain the world- and if not who is taking over this : sustainability s the most epicentral of all networking and communications roles for humanity

Click 3 : follow up of CEO question at ClintonGI 2006 - what can our global company do to help the partnering initiatives being priortized? Context: we profit from globalization as is, and I cannot see that our business has special impacts on the 4 Clinton Crises of lost sustainability: climate, heatlh rights for all, cross-cultural peace and ending extreme local poverties www 

Free Video : Berkeley's most inspiring project? How restaurants unite ethnicities across America in preventing global warming M5S00 We have a saying in my country you do not make a hole in the late you eat from -in other words you do not destroy your own resource base, it does not make economic sense to poison the water you have.M8S53 The producer of X-Files says that there are 3 reasons why peole are not environmentalists: ignorance, apathy and inconveneince. Unless we make being environmental as convenient as Wal-Mart its not going to fly. So that's the driving dynamic of our socilal networks (environmental strategies people can practice, eat...). Ritu Primlani, Thimmakka

some very challenging videos on does knowledge of crises of poverty and war get reported/studied correctly (disconnected between mass media and mass reality)

amartya sen, Bangladesh's Nobel Laureate of Economics (cf Peace laureate Yunus);  Berkeley's extraordinary ondemand videos

Webcasts for Wednesday, September 20 
10:00 AM EST Opening Plenary and "Urgent Issues & Innovative Solutions"
1:30 PM Working Session: Energy and Climate Change: Saving Energy

1:30 PM Global Health: Condition Critical: The Health Care Infrastructure Chasm
1:30 PM Poverty Alleviation: Transforming Agriculture to Empower the Poor
1:30 PM Mitigating Religious and Ethnic Conflict: Meeting the Challenge of Coexistence: Living in Integrated Communities
5:00 PM Effective Action, Lasting Results

Webcasts for Thursday, September 21
8:00 AM EST Managing Diversity in a Globalized World
9:30 AM Energy and Climate Change: Buying and Selling Renewable Energy
9:30 AM Global Health: Neglected Health Threats: Silent Killers, Practical Responses
9:30 AM Poverty Alleviation: Knowledge is Power: Using Technology to Get Ahead
9:30 AM Mitigating Religious and Ethnic Conflict: Bridging the Transnational Cultural Divide
1:00 PM Building a Sustainable Future
2:30 PMEnergy and Climate Change: Financing Clean Energy
2:30 PM Global Health: Healthy Workers and Productive Businesses: Ensuring Home and Workplace Wellness
2:30 PM Poverty Alleviation: Financing Ideas, Initiatives and Innovation
2:30 PM Mitigating Religious and Ethnic Conflict: Preventing and Resolving Deadly Conflict
7:00 PM Annual Meeting Dinner with Kofi Annan, King Abdullah II of Jordan, Tom Golisano and Diana Krall

Webcasts for Friday, September 22
8:00 AM EST What Can Business Do?
9:30 AM Special Session A: Cities of the Future
9:30 AM Special Session B: Women and the Power of Economic Opportunity
11:00 AM Summation and Closing Address


Oded Grajew , whose ashoka global academy videos are :

claims that the World Social Forum waves extraordinary impacts through other leadership events. Notably, it's changed a lot of the content of the asynchronous World Economic Forum and converted WEF's fonder Schwab to be an enthusiastic sponsor of Social Entrepreneur Championships such as these:



Looking for the Social Entrepreneurs of the Year with media partners  






 social entrepreneur summit



Benchmark citizen organisations Over 100 years old: Peter Ustinov testimony to Red Cross: The Swiss Red Cross began towards the end of the 19th century when a Swiss gentleman on holiday went for a walking tour across a battlefield and suddenly understood what war was all about. He was so horrified he conceived the idea of the Red Cross. No government now or then would ever have had the mandate to think of such a thing because it's strictly international in concept. So all these organisations like Greenpeace, Amnesty International, are really vital. They are a new form of democracy. Although not elected, they are obviously a response to a public need. Nothing can disappear more easily than a pressure group which has no pressure behind it.

 Over 250 years old: Royal Society of Arts (UK) whose 5 major network challenges include advancing global citizenship ... further citizen & reconciliati references 1  2  3

Special video selections by theme

video of google founder: 11M40s in search of open standards

Revolution in Education of Children 

Kevin Kelly video : M15s37 recursion- science = process of changing how we know

video : 142 mile robot car race

M13S45 touring Los Angeles virtually


Larry Brilliant (exec director google.org) speaks in this video at Minutes.Seconds cited


 when you try to do something huge like economic development, combat global poverty 1 2 or stop the climate crisis - these are not cross-sectional nouns that occur over a short period of tme, these are verbs that span a long generation of time, Bill Drayton’s life and service to Social Entrepreneurs at ashoka.org spans a generation


 when I think of the Social Entrepreneurs that have inspired our generation the most, its Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi who was Martin Luther King’s role model; and Bill Drayton is inspired by, and informed by, and is a student of Mahatma Gandhi, and I cant tell you what a privilege and honor it is to be introducing him; in our youth we have walked on the same paths (meeting alumni of Gandhi eg Bhave, experiencing what rural India teaches you to explore lovingly as you cross cultural contexts, and truly open your eyes to grassroots humanity's vital concerns) 

14.08   There’s many from my generation who look at what Bill has done as that verb, that continuation of a promise that began when we were all young and idealistic, and through which we could change the world and make it better; but he’s actually done it… 

(to be Gandhian - to behave, communicate and to network -) is to tell the truth to power with such humility and force that the powerful open up...

 – what ashoka is doing (and collaborating with partners to do, inspiring us all to be changemakers) is no less... because Bill is being true to his teacher, his lineage and the concepts that Gandhi annunciated...


Bill Drayton (founder of ashoka and since 1978 connector/sustainer of 2000 Social Entrepreneurs) speaks in this video at Minutes.Seconds cited 


22.43  400 ashoka fellows focus primarily on children and young people. 

One of the vital principles we have learnt is that if young people don’t master empathy they are going to be marginalized in the modern world

23.19 The single most important cause of marginalization?  whole groups and individuals have not mastered applied empathy. In 1900, 97% of the world’s children were growing up in rural isolated villages. If they just learnt the rules, they did what their father did, mother did they would be fine; they would be accepted in society; they would be functioning. No more. Every day all of us are in situations where the rules haven’t been invented yet; where there’s a conflict of rules. The manufacturing and sales departments have different rules; let alone when you cross organizational or cultural lines. We have to every day do this complex thing of understanding when we are about to say or do something; what’s the impact on all the people around us, several layers out, and into the future, and adjust our behaviours to be a good person. If we can’t do that we are talking timebomb; nobody wants to deal with us.

 24.38 This is not a genetic skill.  This is a learned social skill. As yet, we have a lot of humanity who are not learning this.  There are many ashoka fellows who have figured out how to help children master this


worldcitizen.tv - scaling up human interests of world citizen networks


job creation world's most inspiring business libraries - rsvp info@ worldcitizen.tv
Grameen 09

yes we can use technology for sustainability

no 2010s millennium goals can't be met - nor a sustainable global -with wall street's short-term rewards and diabolical macroeconomic monopoly that shreds the 3 core system qualities of value multiplication 1 goodwill's trust-flows, 2 transparency and 3 compound whole truths. Which university business schools will contribute to missing curriculum of compound sustainability

Grameen Archives

Nobel 2006 - yes sustainability investment maps in business do exist- Bangladesh has co-created these since our nation's birth; I invite every young person to try social business model so they know the leadership choice they mediate in 2010s


because of the social business model Grameen invests in more solar unit installation than all of usa banking- we have to value this ; bangladesh will be the first 100 million population to be washed away unless the world collaborates in ending climate crisis- thriving carbon negative economies are possible - come benchmark with dhaka a world epicentre of sustainability

 because we are a bank for the poorest dont under-estimate what we invest the poorest's monies in - bangladesh's partners aim to be as much a world leader of mobiles as bangalore was with the internet http://www.grameensolutions.com/ http://bankabillion.org/ - we invite all micro economists to join us in the net generation's race to end poverty and co-create 7 billion jobs worthy of lifetime amd community service  
Ali Baba 09

I wish to compete and collaborate with Dr Yunus in job creation's human race - at alibaba and on behalf of chinese technologists for the peoples - we pledge creating 100 million microentrepreneurial jobs is possible through 2010s

if your leadesrhip systems serves customers and employees then you compound great returns for shareholders too - no company with a sustainable future needs speculator shareholders; wherever speculators rule, macroeconomics becomes (is sponsor of) the Big Brother theory of how to become ever less economic- isn't that the main action learning of the 2000s? 

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