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notes shared by bloomberg new economy summit nov 2019
maps: g20 & g200
3 bn jobs
Dr Yunus : China, SDG Economics zones: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Asean, Japan, Korea
one belt forum - girls best stories
youth valuing.......... education
will G20 respect #metoo: greatest girls empowerment solutions sustainability investors ever make
SUN GDPIT China Japan Global Youth Friendship
. Sir Fazle Abed
kai fu-lee - &w20 & other 20s of Japan G20
Beijing Open Space 5 - april 2017- women hold up half the sky
old - student unions of blockchain by supercity and win-win belt roads
Is AIIB Best Bank Developing Youth?
Help Baltimore become fist free university city for world record job creation students
economists without borders and brexit
Log : One Belt One Road (1B1R)
xi-trump greatest intergenerational meeting
Missing Trillion Dollars Jobs markets - episode 1 english and chinese as second languages
2 Global Value Chain- SME capacity
3 Bank SME
4 Digital age gov inclusion SME
5 SME= Youth Sustainability
mapping hi-trust youth neural networks
trades with china by type : Belt, EWTP, other
jinping trump world's most valuable meeting
What happened to Yunus top 10 concepts of ending Ultra Poverty
Can 10 greatest human innovations create jobs?
Yunus- how usaid and academics compound ultra poverty
Sustainability youth MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - and everywhere
playing pieces - World Record Jobs Book &
invitation to colleges to play world record jobs game
entrepreneurial revolution of norman macrae and paul farmer
zeroisation of yazmi and social business movements connection with youth sustainabilty
week 1 of curriculum of week 2
Can we prevent unbridled arrogance of silicon valley from ending sustainability of all of US?
youth 10000 blogs
Downloads of Sustainability World : 1 sequel to 1984 book on netgen ; part 2 journal of social biz
1 Minute Stories of Our LIves & Times
Business models which can save the world
Norman Macrae Archive
World's Greatest Maths Mistake
Youth Ambassador & Yunus Nets - the Hunt for 5000 21st C mindsets
Devaluing Goldman Sachs to 0
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From G8 to G2030!
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download citizen info on saving the world that politicians cannot

can we urgently map youth's sdg economy integrating 6 earlier economies?
 7eco1.jpgSir Fazle Abed - the greatest educator and SDG economist in living memory died 20 dec 2019
we recommend you connect his legacy through partners at BRAC U



after discovery of new world 1% of people living in island nation of britain compteted with srongest boats and were first invent engineering- ther pound economy peaked by world war 1- rising from mid 1800 americans built contint-wide industiral economy which also saved the od world from 2 world wars- this made the $ the largest paper curency economy- both economies had groen largest by extracting natual resources from others lands and had developed through brutal meanseg slavery- by end of world war 2 questions included how to reboot the g7 empires, how to outlast the bellicose russia, how to develop 2/3 huma beings - on asian continent. clearly asians poverty trapped by colonial era could not develop wayusa did- fortunately 4 new economies emerged from 1945 - one huge celebration- look for knowhow econoes unlikethings that get consumed up knowhow can ultily value in use

 6:space*satellite*mobile  5;

digital programable computer von neumann

moore law 100 fold more analyticper decade- up to trilion  times moore 2020s than moon race 1960 

tech includes pc webs 80s ecooerce 90s mobile 00s smart mobile apps big data clouds2010s 



3: engineering roadster/micro

asin deming consider  japan seies Economist 1962 on

rising Asian suns:island superports to singapore, bullet trains,microelectonic smart jit supply chains

mailand s korea

china since deng japan 1978 

continued in smart engieering - robotics where no mass software in english  

 4: rural keynesianism: sdg 1-6 mainland villages without elecricity grids

borlaug crop science end famine

china and bangladesh barefoot medics

women empwerment- hold up half sky 

moved 1 billion out of economy

1.0 version to late 1990s

ful curriculum brac uni sadly false curriculum microcredit summit

brac now worlds largest ngo parterhip 

One of them is communist China, which has been following a policy which Macrae calls "rural Keynesianism." The others are "capitalist roaders" such as South ... › obamauni

macrae (@obamauni) | Twitter

“ ” the first maps of womens economics appeared in china and bangladesh og the 1970s see women rural keynesianism and ...
Houston we, the peoples, have a problem with the 2020s. This time round it's no about getting men back from the moon: its whether 95% of the world’s peoples trust that Americans on their own can be in time to lead the human race back to sustainability of children all over the world. May we clarify : 199 nation’s problem is not with how inspirational American people are, its with the quality of their own freedom of speech. It seems that the people of the 50 states  are not free to question media, politicians or supreme justices.

Take the early 21st case study of Texas’ own The Dixie Sisters: they received death threats and had their careers halted when they quite humbly asked whether President GB understood the future of the cultural war of minds -and geographic boundaries of (oil-rich but people-poor) nations - he was rushing into his war with one Iraqi by the name of Saddam Hussein. Its not as if US’s hi-tech half century has had a good record of keeping poetic people safe: be they John Martin Jack or John – Kennedy Luther-King Kennedy or Lennon to name but four.

Of course, when it comes to missing education curricula of happiness and freedom, we could start by blaming the Bard for being the culturally most inquisitive writer in the English language. Writing in the 16th century he poses dozens of deep puzzles about human nature in the old world but practically none about the new world. Or we could blame the Dutch- if they hadn’t traded New York for a nutmeg producing island in the archipelago of Indonesia, Americans might have questioned the world in Dutch instead of the administratively big headmaking language of English.

Instead of playing blame games, this book would prefer to ask can we charter a 7th wondrous economy by Imagineering how to integrate six global economic models:

The pound- king of currencies til 1914 though queen victotia tried once to charter a different economy out of india 1960

The dollar -king of paper currencies

The Borlaug (a micro-green economy that helped a billion mothers to design village community collaborations to  end starvation by famine, and loss of life expectancy by dehydration and other preventable viruses)

The Deming – many engineers and architects most exciting real economy

The Digital of Von Neumann , Moore et al – a trillion times more analytical and linguistic power to compound over 6 decades to date

The Space and Satellite and Mobile of Korolev and Kennedy, and most recently of Nordica and Huawei

But before we try to map whether hi-tech can ever linkin all the peoples on the ground- lets draw an American map that had emerged by 1964

About Chris Macrae and Entrepreneurial Revolution networks since 1968

Sustainability & Transformative Mapping:

Exploring Systems of Education , Economics and Markets with life critical impacts


 These are the most exciting times to be alive. Technology and humans have got to the stage where we are designing systems that will determine whether your children and grandchildren thrive or are judged by nature to be the next dinosaur. This is not a sudden event – the human races future opportunities and threats rooted in centuries of smart and dumb collective choices deeply woven into our cultures and love for one another.


This report indexes Recommendations, Conclusions, Findings, and Jargon and References. It draws on over 500 years of future history exponentials shown. Culturally if enjoys a far north and English speaking bias of humanising Intelligence

As we co-edit this report we will also include concurrent summits - eg nov 2019 bloomberg-china alumni summit 



      2030-1843 Scottish and Commonwealth approaches to mediating Sustainability Goals 1843-2030; Diaspora Scot James Wilson started The Economist fir this purpose. Together with the second editor son in law Walter Bagehot The Economist engaged Queen Victoria in reformation of The English Constitution and the purpose of the Queens English to mediate Commonwealth as a social-economic ideology

·         The futures of economics and engineering since 1760. According to the immigrant viewpoint of Diaspora Scots these futures started up in 1760s around two men at Glasgow University: Adam Smith and James Watt

·         1945-1500 Mercantile Empire era from 1500 seen through market mapping. In our view reconciliation of the world wars required the human race out of every locality to unite around a post-colonial world. Merging potential of virtual and real livelihoods is integral to success of this mission




The post industrial era can be defined as one where transformative education systems explained both a nation’s growth exponentials and sustainability more than anything economists could do. Today the biggest economic error place leadership – national city or regional – can make is failing to map just in time how to transform education with deployment if 5G  This is because 5G innovates when kit cone cts order of magnitudes more devic es than personal ones whose subscription revenues made the business model of lower level G . See Hudson debate Nov 2019 video would 5G exist without china 


Countries that continue to lean too much on paper money printed by politicians miss the opportunity to value youth as win-win currency. Unlike the era of consuming up things, sustainabillity knowhow multiplies in communal use. Integrate with that applying technolgy to mobilising big data and other 5G entreurual freedoms and tge 2020s becoens the decade when science fiction no longer exists because anything that can be imagied - for better or for worse - can be co-created 




Today nearly 8 billion people , just over 200 nations are the consequences of exponential future histories like that mapped on page 1. As we are entering 2020s far away from a worldwide education system in which all teachers and students are free to explore how next to humanize machines, the very least we can do is get ahead of the most recent UN declaration of sustainability interdependence – namely 2015 sdg’s. In free countries design media and journalism so that national and other place leaders score 10/10 SDGs on  before being eligible for election, and because market research shows that behavioral selections are not based on balancing 17 factors we need to identify a small number of factors that are congruent to being a 17 sdg specialist





F1 Since 1760 we cant find a more valuable question that a teacher can ask and students can co-create answers to than watt’s : what’s the next revolutionary way to apply machines to intergenerationally  improve the human lot?

Its intriguing to read everything Adam Smith ever wrote as it interfaces watt’s spirit of exploration. Smith triangularised 3 insightful ideas:

·         He defined transparent markets to be ones in which every buyer and seller had enough correct data that growth linked round those who did the most honest things. See moral sentiments and the idea of the invisible hand 1758.

·         He advised that when a bigger mass of people meigrated to a land with far more resources than the island of brutain the smart response would be to seek tio design win-win gtrades not to try to continue to empiore over (americans).- see Advantage of Natuons published in 1776.

·         He had some idealist views of education. He called the whole hierarch of Oxbridge empire education system hopeless as it did nit value the future of youth but instead the ease of bureaucrtaising silos for the benefit of professors and adminstratirs. He was also particularcy concerned for those in top-down factiories whom he saw has having the elast opportunity to explore the enxt revolutionary application of machines. So their lives weren’t boring and enslaved he argued they most needed access to lifelong education geared to how to celebrating how local communitu8es thrive from what they did outside of paid work

F2 If the world wars had a silver lining, it was a concengtaing on innovatiosn to engineering- a complete revolution emerged from world war 2 in computing and codig; extraordinary advances also became within graps on telecommunications; quality of traditional uses of engines had leapt ahead; and the need for better mutual human undestaiding at every latitude and longitiode was made evident by the invention of nuclear power

With the exception of Russian there appeared to be a”United Nations”  consensus that the B8 nations needed to relaunched their sustainabiloity and also take responsibility for mapping a post colonial world. For example, a  teenager who navigated airplanes in world war 2 over south asia could see that however unconsciously over half of the workd’s people resident between latitude 30 north and the dequatir were trapped in pre-indsutrial npovertys (eg no access to electricity grids) and that was a conssequnec mainly of the 2 island emptres of the UK to the west and Japan to the south. When such a teenager was fortunate to survide world war2, graduate in last class of Keynes at Cambridge and apprentice in journalism at The Economist he was told to apply 2 overarching editoirial rules- the first mirrored his post-colonial finding of Eirasia’s needs; his secod help America lead the responsibility of all free nations to outlast stalin.


References & Jargon


Recommendations for




download small enterprise china g20 report chaired by ALI BABA JACK MA -and see why greatest #learinggeneration thanks hangzhou in happiest collaboration opportunities ever played

Xi Jinping: 3.5 billion youth's dreams and livelihoods and our species 17 greatest ever goals linkin with maps and human connectivity Xi shares across all the worlds belt roads

In 2018 over 65national leaders are partnering jinping in mapping a world ofx sustainability investment projects - can you help us develop Belt Roadmapping as quiz for 5th grade teachers everywhere x

Imagine drawing world trade routse between all the world's communities: where do rails and ports needc updrading; where can water and green pipes go alongside rails; which are the new boders bridged: cultiral and youth celebartyions, educational opportunities; how do we make sure 21st is designed to sustain youth and families everywhere in ways 20th c lack of communications tech could never dream of

Dear China, About those Solar Tariffs...

January 26, 2018

by Sarah Ladislaw


This week the Trump administration took a decision to raise tariffs on solar cells and modules imported into the United States. The decision was based on a complaint brought under Section 201 of the Trade Act of 1974. As was discussed in a recent Energy 360 podcast on the topic, make no mistake, this was not a finding that China had conducted unfair trade practices; rather, it was pure protectionism intended for a very narrow domestic constituency


W1 pope francis represnts the culture that has inspired the world's greateast health servants jim kim  (paul farmer). Franciscans value the greatest professionals as those who live with the poores and prefentially app tech


The high-profile Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation concluded in Beijing on Monday. A large number of deals were signed and a joint communique was released, seeking an open and prosperous world economy. China's Foreign Ministry said the fruitful outcome of the forum and its deals are far-reaching.

2017-05-17 14:51 GMT+8

2017-05-16 16:49 GMT+8 xx 

E2 Bangladesh's Sir Fazle Abed - 46 years and counting as world's number 1 developer of girls livelihhoods

The Point with LIU Xin

CGTN1 / 462
01/25/2018: Blockchain

W2 Guterres - its guterres jobs to unite world citiznes startring at boder crises points all over the world - he and joininping will share mapping data very closely so girls lift up half the sky


 E3 Jack Ma:

E3 Jack Ma: TECH chnasges every opp and risk of world citizens-  from Fintech to Healthtech to Edutech to Govtech:  Jack Ma no techologist values youth globalisation more -its still a baby- lets grow it joyfully- until jack cam along the hi-tech hi-trust  idea of big data small apps wasnt discussed among world leaders

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Jack Ma says only by changing education can your children compete with machines
"Everything we teach should be different from machines". Read more: Alibaba Group
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 In an exclusive report by Andrew Quentson at Coin Journal – Ant Financial, the online payments affiliate of Alibaba and the world’s second most valuable private technology company with a market cap of more than $60 billion, have announced they are rolling out Blockchain technology for payments.

The technology will be first applied to Alipay’s donation platform to improve transparency and provide a trust mechanism with each payment and spending of donations recorded on the Blockchain.

Ant Financial and the Microfinance Management arm of China’s Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), China’s largest and most influential non-governmental organization that specializes in poverty alleviation, have reached a strategic co-operation agreement to expand a model that takes targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty with the aid of the internet and now blockchain tech to more than 300 national and provincial counties within three years.

 leapfrogtv,news - celebrate:

alipay & ant financial bkash mpesa microsolar - rsvp 

W3 Trudeau (macron) Prodi - nobody on the american continent has celebrate jack ma's ideas with more youthful joy - see


E4 Sheikha Moza   & W Thorning-Schmidt

chinawise 2017 delegates china


Over the past 18 months WISE has taken its message to Tunis, Beijing, and Madrid. With the success of these regional forums, WISE announced it will travel to Ghana in May 2018 to team up with WISE Prize for Education Laureate, Dr Patrick Awuah, for WISE@Accra.
WISE will also participate in New York for WISE@UNGA in September, and in March 2019 for WISE@Paris, before returning to Doha in November for WISE 2019.
Pictured from WISE 2017: Young delegates and their teachers engaged with 'The Litttle Engineer' Experiential Learning Lab in the WISE Majlis.

WISE hosts third workshop on strengthening the global 'education ecosystem'

In a pre-summit program, WISE hosted over 80 key education stakeholders for a day-long working session to discuss how to strengthen a global education ecosystem to foster a learning and sharing infrastructure to advance learning outcomes and achieve universal quality education (UN SDG 4). The session was the third gathering on this topic held by the Global Education Ecosystem informal working group created in follow-up to the Education Commission’s Learning Generation Report, and co-led by Teach For All, Center for Global Education (CGE) at the Asia Society, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at the Brookings Institution, Results for Development, the Boston Consulting Group, and WISE.

Matterfund partners with WISE to launch a visual atlas for global educators

Matterfund has partnered with WISE to launch a new visual atlas for education development. Profiling over 300 organizations globally, the living atlas shows initiatives working toward the UN Sustainable Development Goal for universal quality education.
Matterfund enables initiatives to showcase their best work, attract partners, connect to
funding opportunities, and follow compelling projects and publications in education development. The atlas will continue to grow as Matterfund works alongside WISE, NGOs and regional leaders. Initiatives can register to claim their profiles and showcase their work.

Brookings Institution features WISE as one of its 'Innovation Spotters'

WISE House - Villa 7 & 8
Qatar Foundation - Education City
P.O. Box 5825
Doha, Qatar
join the survey of why education is the 21st C economy here - example of how wise and qatar foundation see this from education above all (co-partner with the UN academic impact hubs)

 w4 tim berners lee mit open everything linux negrpronte


E10 hujiang fu - china an dmaybe the world's only education unicorn?

W5 Harrison owen mwheatley dounder special olympics gunter pauli


E8 pres tsinghua  qiu yong  (china’s hubs unicorn) now that there are 5 milion startups a year

W6 Quadirs  - picard legatum abdul latif polak


E5Moon Jae-in

W7 elon musk


E6 Mahbubani  & Modi

W8 Kissinger albright


E7 President Ghana (education un eminent 15)- most truisyed leader of youth africa

E32 Patrick Awuah, ashesi  (belcher Mandela extranet)

E49 rwanda's kagame has been african leaders number 1 cheerleader of youth entrepreneur compoetitions for over a decade including a format co-tested at world bank hq - this has enabled him to position rwanda as african epicentre of or partners in health (founders jim kim paul farmer ophelia dahl) last miile health servant training and emergency support networks (much in demand for ending ebola) ; he co-staged E3 jack ma's first visit to africa in 2017, and can help expand youth entrepreneur networking now that he chairs the african union 


W9 bezos


E9 modi - firts businessman president of India- 2018 is most critical year of sino-india beltroadtech .. E9.1 Nilekani? Modi kalam singh

E11 Softbank founder – genron leader – gov Tokyo  - founder genron ; governor tokyo

W10 Soros or prince charles – sir danny lord stern

  E31 Varela Panama W11 Erna Solberg Tw

Liu He

Prof michael Spence


Wef ai – kai-fu lee sinovation ventures

Try iteratively utilitarian uses is china vision –bat vs fag – larger gets larger more data loop continues – so sinovation tries to add new competition to big 3 (everyone now trying to package as ai company this problem novice will lose short) 2018 year of successes and bubbles in ai

Icos are a big problem

First isn’t it save non-hackable- 2nd whose data is it (china starts with utalitsarin over privacy)


Uk leads in protection – could also use blockchain- but protection slows down innovation


Ai makes it essential we change education frequencies  - ai teacer trainers – change education- change work ethic – jobs of compassion;



E13 yunus Hirsch danoce 2 and hec1

dahl? Mcormack?

Senna? Larry brilliant? Skoll? Schwab? summits


E26 Maharishi

E27 Amma

E28 Jagdsih Gandhi family

Founder special Olympics thorkile sonee monica yunus


E19 foubnder cheung uni

wilaims freling


E12 Pony ma ten cent

Larouche family


Jd founder

(prince charles)


E16 Baidu

Sir danny and stern and head aiib


E14 Xiaomi

Richard liu jd

Cullture entrepfounder c100


James liang ctrip

Also interested chinas demographics youth jianzhang

Talent pool same dlar amount r&d bit 3 timnes less cost by=ut as msart youth- downside can be in 20 years time

Khan academy

Dounder bridges intl


E16 Zheng Hue green

Dounder corwall tourism


E17 Who at wen

Gordon dryden


E18 Founder chian hubs and ent suburb

Prof micheal Spence


E30 Founders ushahidi ihum jamii bora mpesa wangaari maathai predint Ghana eminent 15

W96 ray anderson


E31 Taddy Blecher

Current president Indonesia

Current president Tanzania


W99 Smith keynes wilson bagehot marx



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Monday, February 18, 2013

MOOC NM007 Youth Entrepreneurship

eg 6 weeks curriculum to youth entrepreneurship


1 introduction to what is Youth Entrepreneurship and why is it more important in 2010s than ever before


My fathers life work editing youth economics at The Economist suggests worldwide youth need to understand the following future history challenges of 2010s: (each worth a week's study)


From keynes pro-youth economists are those who behave as if they know that a place can only grow if capital is structured so that family's savings invest in next generation out of that place- but will global capital be structure that way ahead? or will it be taken over by keynes greatest enemy "the macroeconomist" who hires himself out to richest, most speculative or most political?


From Entrepreneurial Revolution dialogues hosted in The Economist since 1972 (see first survey The Next Forty Years) we know that the systems war of integrating mass and digtal media introduces these critical issues (each meriting a week's module)


week 2 challenge 1 will multi-win models be designed  (way above zero-sum) so youth can innovate with million timss more collaboration technology? will we joyfully take economics beyond the industrial era's scarcity models of consuming up things to knowhow models which multiply value in use? what are the compound opportunities and threats of a) going borderless and b) embracing communications death of the cost of distance; how will society license 21st C (bottom up and open) professionals to be experts in preventing externalisation instead of 20th C's experts in externalisation


 Did we learn the right lesson when usa withdrew licence from Andersen to audit due to being worst of big 5 global accountants in ability to transparently audit sustainability exponentials and unseen wealth). andersen partners lived in a zero-sum value added world-  they believed the more billions they were worth to global businesses however much goodwill they lost with cheatin local societies that billions +0= billions; even these hard-nosed managers might have made less badwill decisions if they had correctly model value multiplication. If you zeroise trust of society you will eventually becoe worth billions*0=0. More examples of this maths at and


weej 3 challenge 2 : explore reasons of norman macrae's first book journalising net generation (published 1984) and its maps of why 30000 microfranchises would need to be searched out- that is community service solutions that are replicable wherever life critically needed and where value is mainly or wholly retained in community of production;; how did this connect with schumacher's 2 million global village world as the only way to design a planet where next baby born anywhere has a fair chance to grow up healthy and productive


week 4 challenge 3 what millennium goals are only intended as PR and which ones will we invest in youth of net generation achieving? how do you audit whole global and local secors purposes for responsibility of achieving the milennium goal sector is most relevant to?; which millennium goals can unite all 4 hemispheres , different cultures, rich and poor?  - for example how does defintion of purpose of education as "learning a living" fit into celebrating this heroic time


understanding phases of net generation's first 30 years since 1984 and why we are all now ever more urgently being confronted by irreversible opporunities and threats of 2014-2024

the open versus the closed tech movements' -what people like joi ito at
mit media lab mean by saying we've seen moores law apply to silicon capacity but we havent yet seen it viralise the apps all societies most collaboratively need


the job creating versus job reoplacing movements of what info technology is for


understanding what organsiitional change is really neeed if net generation is to be responsible for innovating more new knowhow than whole of human history


searching out top 100 collaboration leaders sho still believe 2010s can be worldwide youth's most productive, sustainble and heroic time 


searching out a public mass broadcaster who represents the people's good news empowering bottom up community which is where the contextual integration of all sustainability challenges begins or ends


week 6 what are some of the most exciting experiments liberating 2010s as youth's most productive decade:

moocs themselves

youth entrepreneur competitions including those that prize youth re-editing missing schools

what can we learn form south africa's free university movement animated around mandela partnerships operationally coordnated by the blechers with some economic publicity help from eg branson and some tech help from eg google africa


peer to peer movements

maps of educational netwrks that are celebratuing learning a living


massively debating results from community broadband experiments

listing gamechangers for norman's other 7 wonders beyond education - eg cashless banking is a game chnager of financial services and it also celebrates the queestion: who can best start a currency chain so that it invests in youth

contratsing where princuples of pro-youth economics are exactly opposite way round from economics that doesnt value youth's futures

why norman considered since 1975 asian economics as core to sustaining worldwide youth centry 1976-2075- with particular foci on 3 countries whose economic models he was most curious about: japan, bangladesh, china

1:16 pm est 

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